Our Approach

We believe in empowering teams with skills that can help them focus on improving the way things are done on a regular basis.

This approach can only work if we partner with these work teams and transfer the skills they need through a facilitated process.

During the team/ individual training engagements, we use a set of best practice and value creation tools and simplify the related theory to enable easy assimilation and implementation readiness. This is followed by a facilitated process where we agree on goals and contact sessions (minimum weekly) with each candidate, where we will coach them one on one/ as teams. This improves their knowledge base, their confidence is noticeable, they start using the correct terms and tools in their conversations and most importantly helps them to achieve their goal/s.

Our 5-tier Workplace program:

Over the years we have crafted, tried and implemented facilitated programs geared to improve team morale and aptitude, whilst producing measurable results.

1. Documentation & Discipline ­

- Codify best practices
- ­Organised Workplace ­
- 7 Wastes ­Competence

2. Team Based

- ­Time Management ­
- Meeting Design ­
- Process Control

3. Assets and Machinery

- Build autonomy  ­
- Maintenance with Housekeeping routines

4. Root Cause Analysis ­

- Identify to Prevent ­
- Tools deployment ­
- Sustained behaviour

5. Leadership and Development ­

- Purpose and Behaviour ­
- Meaningful Engagements